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Luna Tactus (Touch of the Moon)

    "Its too boring, the day gets so sluggish that it will be difficult to keep up with it", Ralph thought. "But then, who knows when it turns exciting?", Ralph told himself like he always does "I love my job, I love my job, damn it, I love...". 

    Its true, Ralph is one hapless soul, in the Thar dessert, in some remote town, working in the police department. In his experience in last 10 years there, nothing ever happened, I mean "nothing". But, to ensure that nothing actually happens, he needs to watch out, and at least act like doing something. That part vexes him, and he really curses his bosses, for throwing him into such a lifeless place. 

    As he was about to leave the police station, a phone rang. Ralph carelessly lifted the phone, and said "Hello!". After listening to the news, his spine stiffened, body got straight without he knowing it himself, and the pupils begun to dilate. "What a heinous crime", he thought. After assuring the caller, that he would be there in 5 minutes, he hurriedly left the station, in his police jeep. 

    "Bunch of scoundrels, but what in the world?" He thought. "A village full of murderers, does not look likely. It just looks like some case of serious manipulation", he thought again. Radio communication with his teammates there at the actual location, is continuing. "Jeeps are great puddle jumpers, but in the desert chill climate at night, they are less comfortable", he thought, as his jeep made him shiver to the cold. "Manipulation or cold-blooded pre-planned murders, needs to be seen", yes. That needs to be seen. 

-- 2 --

    By the time Ralph reached the location, it was deadly cold at 9pm. The sheer number of ambulances there vouched for the brutality of the crime, happened there just hours ago. Blood was coming down in streams to the foot of the policemen, who remained in attention position after Ralph's visit there. The situation is barely controlled, with over 2500 people having stick fighting ceremonies this year. Yes, that place in Rajasthan has "traditional stick fighting ceremony", that happens once a year, between folks from two rival villages.

    Normally, stick fighting does not spiral out like this. Usually people fight, but usually only one out of ten gets injured, not like today. Here, it looks like everyone from village Rajod was not injured, but their rivals from Butati got beaten badly. Whats surprising is that, even children participated from Rajod, which is unconventional. Yet, children did not get injured in the fight, which is even more surprising.

    From a distance, moon is showing brightly in the sky, foxes howling can be heard from afar. Policemen just now matched the numbers enough to arrest the village folk. They are doing mass arrests, throwing all people into the jeeps for now. Looks like, of the many wounded people, most of them will not be able to see the next morning. Their injuries are fatal enough, the situation is worsening every second. At least people are getting voluntarily arrested, without making any fuss. What more, some of them are smiling.

    Ralph got badly annoyed. He went and smacked one such fellow, in line getting into a police van. His smile did not cease, even after Ralph hitting him on his mouth. His mouth is bleeding, but yet he was laughing. And then, Ralph noticed his eyes, which are like, not looking at what they seem to be seeing. "something like a hypnotic state", he thought. But, who is behind all this? This is a great mystery.

    The affair there was ended, the lot of villagers from Rajod were put in police custody. All rooms in the police station are full of people that night. The village police station cant hold that many people for long, so, they decided to ship them to Bikaner the next day morning. Everyone seems to have gone home, except Ralph. Yes, he (with his deputy) is still investigating in Rajod for any clues.

    At first Ralph thought that this is a case of manipulation. But, he could not find any evidence in any home for such a manipulative drug use or something. He took samples of water, air, soil, plants and asked his deputy to get them tested. More over, some homes have dead bodies, indicating someone inside the village, killed their own folk. "Very surprising", he thought. Using radio, he communicated all this to his colleagues.

(More later ...)


TV announcer: Gentlemen and ladies! The moment has come, the moment has come that we are anxiously waiting for. The "Champion of Socio-fantasies, and Sci-Fi"s is voted No.1 by audience everywhere; not just in the United States, but all around the globe. Here we present, the winner of all, the Champion of film scripts, people's choice and 10 Oscars receiver, (with heightened voice, dragging it) Mr. Bill (dragging here even more...) Anderson.

Anderson came out, from behind the stage. Everyone was clapping, everyone was giving him a standing ovation. In a silky 3-piece suit, he is looking quite charming. And add his youth to the looks, he was absolutely mesmerizing to womenfolk there. A successful young man is always a great sight. After the furor settled,

Mr. Anderson: Success, Success, success...! (brief pause). People tell me everywhere that I am successful, and they even ask me how can I write such good stories, without being distracted by it? You know, stories like "Unsung warriors" and "Lets meet again in next century" ... (brief pause). (Lowered his head and back up again). You know such stories ... they come out of you, not me. They come out of every passionate soul, deprived heart and corrupted mind. They come out of every satiated soul, loving heart and peaceful mind. They are not mine but yours. And that's why success does not corrupt me.

Again, people gave him a standing ovation. The speech was spectacular and as some reporters said, was paving the way to his political entry, rumored to be coming pretty soon.

-- 2 --
After receiving the four Oscars, he got back into the car. Beside him is Stevenson, his uncle. Stevenson  (known as "jerk Steve" in the Hollywood), is uncle by relation to Anderson. Steve almost always is seen laughing, not just once without that laugh on his face, a photo was clicked on him. Regardless of his real mood, since he smiles and laughs always, he was called "jerk Steve" by those involved in Hollywood.

Bill told many times that he got his uncle, and sheltered him at his home. However, the truth is otherwise. When Steve came to Hollywood in search of opportunities, Bill played politics and finally made him a ghost writer for himself. So, Steve is left with no choice but to stay with Bill, helping him in his stories.

Steve is kind of a very talented guy, he writes many things for Bill. In fact, the emotional speech on stage, just now given by Bill is also written by him. Regarding Bill, many people say many things about him. Some say, he is bogus, but they all had to leave Hollywood under unceremonious circumstances. Even though no one knows his secret of success, his string of hits silenced everyone. All his critics and cat-callers, got subdued by one way or the other in time.

With his latest success, political parties lined up to get him in. People associate their pride of country, etc... with him, looking up to him as some symbol of patriotism and honor. He is one, whom even the accredited and distinguished European cinema artists respect, apart from the local Oscar guys. That is a reason for celebration for them too. 

After getting into the car, Bill snickered. After looking back through the window, and observing that there are no reporter folk following him, he started talking to his uncle:

-- 3 --

After some time ...,

Bill: (In a heightened voice ...) Can you believe it, can you believe it? (Laughing loudly). And then she said, I forgot my lover back at home. ... It was such a ... (He paused again, and started laughing).

Even Steve was also laughing, though, it is difficult to say which type of laugh that is.

The phone of Bill was ringing at this point.

-- 4 --

Bill lifted the phone.

Bill: Hello! (Casually)

Other side: I know your secret.

At first Bill did not understand.

Bill: I am sorry, what did you just say?

Other side: I know your secret.

Bill's face changed colors. He told himself that it is a prank by some of the folks who don't like him. So, he tried to act out of it.

Bill: But which secret, I have no secrets. I have nothing, (looked at Steve, he was nodding), nothing (said again)

Other side: I know your secret, the girl. The girl. The girl. Want to know more, meet me in person, at 1 a.m, Grand Central Market, west gate (phone was cut).

Bill got really psyched out. He seems to know the secret that he was guarding for 20 years. "The girl", "The girl", this is ridiculous he thought. But the one on phone, looked so confident that he might really be a threat to him and his good name. "Ok, lets meet this fellow once and then decide what to do", he thought; thinking that he would kill this fellow, if he becomes a big nuisance.

(More later ...)

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